Thursday, December 17, 2009

Google goggles - Eye with a brain

Unlike the standard goggles, the Google goggles serve a different purpose. Rather than providing a nice soothing feeling to eyes, it attaches more information to what you see, in other words intelligence vision.

This new innovation from Google lets you take a picture from your mobile phone and then connects to the server to fetch information on the subject of the picture. Internally it of course finds the right match for the digital photo performs a search and provides you the information in the order of relevance.

So next time you are visiting a new place, you perhaps won't need the local guide to explain the history, statistics etc. All you do is wear Google goggles and keep clicking. Imagine you buying a book and want a quick review or you are outside the movie theatre all confused which movie to watch.

As of now this feature is available only for Android phones but there are plans to extend it further. Also there are few interesting ideas which are yet to be implemented e.g. image of a leaf will provide details about the plant, ability to get advice on a chess game simply by snapping an image of a board.
So it is rightly said "A picture is worth thousand words".

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